Jane Sparrow uses her passion, capability and drive to enable others to maximise their potential, build capacity and implement behavioural change programmes within different cultures and a changing business environment.  She has worked as special advisor to some of the worlds’ largest and most respected brands to enable people to sustain high performance by nurturing culture and engaging people.   Her work across the globe has attracted much acclaim and she continues to use her experience across leadership development, culture change, employee engagement & personal energy management to work with leaders and managers of all levels. She is an expert facilitator, consultant, performance coach and impactful speaker that has held board level positions in a variety of organisations.


Jane Sparrow is passionate about enabling others to sustainably perform at their best and achieve their personal and organisational goals. 

Throughout her career she has worked closely with people of all levels to help them maximise their potential, build capacity and implement behavioural change programmes within different cultures and a changing business environment. She is an expert facilitator, business consultant, performance coach and impactful speaker.  Jane is co-author and contributor to a number of best selling books.   

Jane has travelled extensively across the globe, working with local leadership teams to set/devise strategy, coaching board members and running high-performance programmes. She regularly speaks as a key note presenter at conferences throughout the world and has worked with an enormous variety of organisations including Sony, Google, BBC WorldWide, WPP, Novartis, the British Army, FedEx, HP and Save the Children. This experience has given her strong views on what does and doesn’t lead to peak performance in the business world.

Jane began her career in IBM and has held a variety of senior positions in organisations such as Sony Europe, The Energy Project and MCA (now part of the WPP Group).  Her entrepreneurial spirit saw her start two successful service businesses in 2000/2001 and she continues to act as an advisor to a variety of small companies.

In her position as Managing Director of The Energy Project Europe, she grew the business from zero to a multi million pound organisation, delivering business in Europe, Asia and Africa.  Responsible for marketing, sales, operations, people and programme delivery, she is proud to have made a fundamental difference to thousands of peoples lives.  She has consistently been rated the best facilitator in the organisation.

As Director of Communication & Change for Sony Europe she instigated a new culture of communication, involvement and personal growth through coaching members of the board to engage, motivate their people and sustain high performance.  Her leadership, communication and organisational change approaches are now deeply embedded in the way Sony Europe operates. Jane also advised other regions and was a member of many Global Sony Initiatives.

Jane is highly adept at working across cultures and holds Cranfield based qualifications in individual and team cultural profiling.

She has a passion for sharing her learning and experience to enable others to achieve what they want to achieve.  Jane is an active member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and the past Programme Chair for the IABC Global Conference in 2006, 2007 and 2008.  Jane is a co-author of the IABC Handbook of Organisational Communication and was responsible for marketing the New York Times bestseller The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working – a book focused on supporting professionals to achieve sustainable performance.  She frequently has articles published in a variety of journals and publications and has been rated an ‘All Star Speaker’ by the attendees at the IABC World Conference.